About us


this project was created with the intention to „make visible“ women-patients with metastatic/ advanced malign breast cancer, to raise awareness about presence of these patients in our society, and to point out their problems and needs and to help make their lives better.
The entire project runs under the auspices of the Alliance of Women with Breast Cancer (national organization of 47 affiliated patient organizations in the Czech Republic) and of the Director Eva Knappová. We created the team of voluntary intermediaries that offers help and services for patients in their own regions.
Our mission:
to help patients handle a difficult life period associated with advanced disease and long-term medical treatment
to support them in overcoming their loneliness and concerns about future
to provide information about disease in the form of publications and website
to make their situations visible and to gain support of the public
to increase quality of their lives through personal meetings, events and various activities
Our main tasks:
distributing up-to-date information (about disease and care, social services)
help (little help, professional oncological, psychological, social)
publicity (campaigns, media)

Neviditelné ženy

Projekt probíhá pod záštitou Aliance žen s rakovinou prsu, o.p.s. Vznikl z potřeby „zviditelnit“ ženy-pacientky s metastatickým/pokročilým zhoubným nádorem prsu, zvýšit povědomí celé naší společnosti o jejich existenci, připomenout jejich problémy a potřeby a pomoci zkvalitnit jejich život.

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