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My Time Our Time – Invisible Women

A campaign to support patients with metastatic breast cancer, their families and loved ones.

Around 7,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the Czech Republic every year. For one third of these women, the disease becomes metastatic and begins to spread and affect other organs. The lungs, liver, bones, and brain are most often affected. Statistics indicate that around 3,500 women live with metastatic breast cancer in the Czech Republic today.

Although this is an incurable, chronic disease, new treatment options have extended life expectancy and thus increased the importance of focusing on the quality of life of people living with metastatic breast cancer – both women and men, as breast cancer also affects them.

Metastatic breast cancer often affects working-age women, when they are raising children, caring for their families, building their careers, helping to raise their grandchildren, or caring for their loved ones. The needs and experiences of the patients differ, yet there are some common trends. Women often suffer from a lack of financial resources, and feel isolated and helpless. They are also exposed to negative emotions stemming from both the lack of money and fear about the future. Anxiety, depression, and loss of self-confidence are the most common feelings that patients experience.*

The lives of patients with metastatic disease are enveloped in embarrassed silence, prejudice, and painful ignorance. Yet their lives could also be full of beautiful days and positive emotions. We want to show that we must not be afraid to lend them a helping hand and fill their lives with love, friendship, joy, and understanding.

The main artistic element we have chosen for our exhibition is the mandala, a symbol of space and transience. We want the lives of those living with advanced breast cancer to be full of positive energy and love, just like our mandala, but also the practical and systemic support that many of them need so much. Take a break from your routine with us for a moment, and think about what time means to each of us and how we want to spend it.

With this exhibition, the Alliance of Women with Breast Cancer has joined the global Novartis campaign My Time Our Time, focusing on improving the lives of women with metastatic breast cancer.

* The Invisible Women 2.0 report issued in 2020 by Novartis as the result of a survey conducted in 8 European Union Member States.

My Time Our Time – Invisible Women

Project authors: Matyáš Fuchs and Nikola Skondrojani

Photography: Helena Szmigielová, Denisa Bergl

We would like to thank all those who have collaborated on the campaign:
Eva Karásková, Eva Knappová, Kristýna Krátká, Zuzana Nemčíková, Martina Nováková, Petr Novotný, Mirka Phillips, Adéla Rodná, Nikola Skondrojani, Petr Šoukal, Stanislav Václavík, Magdaléna Vošalíková

#MyTimeOurTime #artivism #Iamstillme

Aliance žen s rakovinou prsu, o.p.s.,
Havlíčkovo nám. 11, Praha 3


Nikola Skondrojani created for our project My Time Our Time – Invisible Women a unique mandala. Why is it exceptional? What does mandala look like? Watch our video