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The My Time Our Time – Invisible Women project was conceived over one year ago. Two extraordinary women inspired and advised us right from the outset yet did not live to see its completion. They deserve our great thanks and remembrance.

Adéla Rodná

An idiosyncratic person not daunted by anything or anybody. She selflessly cared for psychiatric patients, for four small children, and for numerous stray cats. Meetings with her always sparkled and left a strong impression. Adéla died this April at the age of 39, surrounded by her family and friends after a five-year battle with breast cancer.

Mirka Phillips

She bestowed optimism, energy, and a good mood on all those around her, enhanced by the charm she brought home from her ten years in England. Her two small sons were her motivation for not giving up and for continuing to search for new treatment methods to halt the disease until the last moment. Mirka left us in the middle of the preparations for our project in August 2020. She was 43.